Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Highlights of 2008

It has been a good year. Last year I set my resolutions:

My 2008 "resolutions":

1.) Spend more quality alone time with R
2.) Contine to work out at least one hour, five days a week throughout this pregnancy
3.) Eat small portions and dessert only two times a week (try to keep this pregnancy weight gain more reasonable than the last)
4.) Work on getting one new client a month, either through essay sales or queries

I am proud of the fact that I have kept #1. R and I have been through a lot this year and we are stronger and happier than ever. Our relationship remains my top priority.

I also kept resolution #2 and actually went into labor at the gym and walked six miles hours before giving birth to Alan.

Resolution #3 was a little more difficult. I gained 50 pounds, just like in the last pregnancy. I am glad to report, however, that I am back in my size four clothing and have lost 45 of the 50 pounds I gained in the nearly five months since Alan's birth. Tomorrow's resolutions will talk about weight loss, but I am happy and relieved to have gotten this far already.

#4 is my proudest achievement. I did work with 10 new clients this year with two promising pitches left that could mean two more new clients. And even if those do not come through, I am still very proud of my work this year with magazines like Self, Parenting, Pregnancy, Wondertime and many more.

My top 10 list of 2008:

1.) Giving birth to Alan
2.) Sam learning to walk
3.) Getting an essay published in one of my favorite magazines
4.) Sam's first birthday
5.) Running a 24:17 in a 5k--just one minute shy of my PR--four months postpartum
6.) Obama getting elected
7.) Our weekend sans kids four 5the wedding anniversary.
8.) NY writer's conference
9.) Fun fall activities with toddler
10.) Reawakened holiday spirit

Happy New Year all!

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