Monday, August 4, 2008

And At Last...

We are home.

It was a whirlwind weekend. All day Friday I was feeling contractions that by midnight were getting closer together and more painful. I started to realize I was in labor and the baby was going to come on his due date after all that stress!

The labor was intense--easier than with Sam in many ways. I moved through each stage at lightning speed and by the time we reached the hospital (after a couple hours at home, a few minutes dropping Sam off at my parent's place and many, many loud renditions of "I am Woman" played through contractions) he was well on his way.

I checked into the office after much rigamarole regarding registration, only to find that I was a "stretch five centimeters." In other words, this baby was a' comin'. In my first labor, I spent about 2 hours in each stage. With this one, it was more like 20 minutes.

I was in transition by the time we reached the birthing suite. I was on the birthing ball for five minutes and then in the whirlpool tub for about a half hour. Soon the urge to push was overwhelming and my midwife did not even ask to check my dilation. It was pretty obvious. The next thing I knew we were on the birthing stool, I gave five big pushes, screaming like a freight train was moving through me. And then he was here.

The entire thing was about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I kid you not. I almost had my kid in the car on I95 and I did not even know it. So there is one thing about the second kid that has held true for me.

When he first came out, he had the cord wrapped twice, which was somewhat harrowing, but he was breathing within seconds and gave some lusty cries. It was so different than Sam's empowering, beautiful birth. As I said, he came out like a freight train. And, with an 8 pounds, 1 ounce baby (versus 7lbs, 1 oz), the pushing was a totally different experience (read: excruciating). But he is here now and he is gorgeous and all of my doubts have faded away. I love him every bit as much as I loved Sam at birth. I am so happy to have this precious little boy and I feel beyond blessed to have both a boy and girl who are both so healthy and wonderful. I can't stop knocking on wood.

So, welcome Alan Henry
8/2/08 (his due date)
20.25 inches
8 lbs, 1 oz.
4:59 am

You were well worth the wait my sweet little boy. I adore you already.


Lis Garrett said...

He.Is.Gorgeous!!! Congratulations to all of you!

Kristi said...

Wow. What a story. As someone who is never going to give birth the "natural" way, I can only sit here in awe after reading the stories of women who do.

He is such a cutie! Congrats!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful and congratulations!!

g and c boyarko family said...

Congratulations S...what wonderful news!!! So glad to hear he is here!!

Editorgirl said...

I couldn't be happier for all of you! He is a beautiful little boy!

halloweenlover said...

I'm so so so happy for all of you! Hurray for an awesome birth and a gorgeous baby! I'm so happy to hear that you were instantly in love, because I think you always have doubts about how you can possibly love your second as much as your first, you know?

So excited for all of you! Congratulations fabulous mommy!