Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sam at 23 Months

Last year I found the last month before Sam's first to be bittersweet and this month is shaping up to be the same. I am so thrilled with the funny, confident, adorable person she is becoming but so sad for the funny, adorable baby she is leaving behind.

This month has been much the same as last. She continues to love the ABCs and is slightly obsessed with it. She also knows all her shapes now as well. She is gradually becoming more interested in numbers and is counting to four by herself and 10 with help. She loves to count the things she sees on walks and everywhere.

With the holidays she has become obsessed by Santa and enjoys cooking with me, mostly involving putting her hands into bowls of flour or confectioners sugar, licking it off and shouting.

She has become better with her brother this month (knock wood) with her adoration winning out over her violence. She loves to bring him toys, hug him, kiss him and hold him. I still don't leave them alone, but am really happy to see more interaction.

She is still in the midst of potty training herself. She is fascinated by the potty and likes to walk around naked, but refuses to do #2. She has also been very sick a couple times this month, the first time with terrible stomach stuff and the second with Roseola, so I think potty training has taken a back seat.

There is almost nothing she does not say. She knows hundreds of words and mostly speaks in complete sentences. She makes little jokes, gets little jokes and is generally honing a great sense of humor. She loves Elmo and has a very hard time when we tell her that "no, you cannot watch anymore YouTube Elmo videos." Luckily her Auntie Mar is a total pushover and has been known to spend hours watching Elmo with the bean. Her favorite song? Low, by Flo Rida. And yes, she knows most of the words.

As we head towards two, I am just amazed by the idea that I am a mother of a two-year-old. There was a time where that age sounded very old to me. But now? I have one. I adore her more everyday.


g and c boyarko family said...

I love the picture of Rob with your two kiddos...that is too cute! She sounds like such a wonderful and fun child!

Kristi said...

She's such an incredible little girl, isn't she? I can't believe she's turning two next month! Love that last photo the best.