Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's The Haps

I have been remiss in blogging. I blame this on several things.

1.) The bad economy has me down
2.) I am working so hard on other things, I have zero to nothing to give here. I want to at least have a semblance of decent writing and I need to focus on those projects that pay me. Sad, but true.
3.) I get no comments here! C'mon people, give me some love.
4.) Facebook. I can't.Get.Enough. I am like an addict. I need to quit, just go cold turkey. The site is evil and is sucking my life force and creativity.

Also, my house smells like dirty diapers. That may not be relevant, but it is a fact.

We have had a lot of news around here, some of which I cannot yet share in a public forum, but potentially we have some very lucrative developments in the works. Now they just need to come through.

The big news I CAN share is as follows:

1.) Ani has started solid foods. It was a challenge for me to let go enough to allow something other than breastmilk into his diet. But given he is now way older than any other kids I know when he is starting solids, I gave in. And since then he has slept much better. Two nights of one wakeup each and last night all the way through the night! He even let R put him down while I was at yoga.

2.) Sam got into pre-school. We got off the waiting list and into one of the co-op pre-schools we wanted. I will likely reevaluate when she is 3.9, but for now, this is a great alternative. It is three mornings a week (I work one of them) and is in a church basement in Cambridge. Great facilities, great people. I am thrilled. Plus, I am sure I will have many posts on this so stay tuned.

3.) I bought my "I lost the baby weight" Lulu Lemon clothing. $100 per pair of yoga pants is totally unreasonable, I said on Sunday, but by last night after my five-mile run/90 minute hot yoga practice, I was singing the praises of $100 yoga pants. Wow. That is some fan-friggin-tastic moisture wicking.

And if you want to criticize me for spending so much in a recession, feel free. I always say that the runners with the most expensive, most useless gear (mileage tracker on shoelace thing) are the ones who run the slowest. So maybe my $100 yoga pants mean I suck at yoga, but since I have been practicing my whole life, I doubt it. Or, as they say in my practice: my downward dog can kick your downward dog's ass.

4.) More news in the works. Stay tuned.

I shall become a better blogger. Or not. We'll see.


Andromeda said...

I swore I would never become one of Those Spandex Bikers. They're so mockable! And the spandex is so ugly. And insanely unflattering. And then...they gave me this jersey for riding the PMC. And it's ugly and unflattering. And awesome with the wicking. And has a bunch of pockets that hold can hold my wallet, cell phone, a thing of vitamin water, a Clif bar, and a multitool. And...and then I got some bike shorts. Because they really are more comfortable. And some bike pants. For biking in the rain. You need that stuff.


So I feel your pain. (I *am* a really slow biker, though.)

Andromeda said...

Oh, and if more yoga spoke openly about ass-kicking, I might have to rethink my position on it... (My mom is this HUGE yoga fanatic, which of course is enough for me to stay far away from the stuff. I've often said that if they come out with combat yoga, I might reconsider. I just can't take a sport seriously if no one risks a concussion, you know? But if there's ass-kicking yoga...)

Stephanie said...

#1: consider your $100 yoga pants as doing your part to stimulate the economy. I got a $75 facial on Saturday and will probably spend just as much on the associated products by week's end. Can we end this recession? Yes we can.

#2: @ Andromeda - I may be the only person in the history of th world to give herself a concussion in hot yoga class. I kid you not; I am a clutz. Does that help you to take it more seriously?? :)

#3: congrats on all the other news. yay for preschool!

jm said...

It's freakish how much we have in common, minus the lucrative developments, preschool, and fancy yoga pants (damn you, Facebook and your time-sucking grip!). Congrats on the pending excitement.
[I second Andromeda on the yoga thing. If I'm not facing mud and blood, I'm just not as motivated.]

Agent Saskia said...

I'm with a few of you here; Yoga, while I know I would benefit from it, with it's Namaste and farting and men with long hair makes me feel too new age-y to participate. That being said everyone I know who does it looks fantastic, Ms. Wombinations included.

So now you look and feel good while doing it. Good for you. I say get another pair so you will not have to do laundry everyday!

Tracey said...

My house smells like dirty cat box. I'll take dirty diapers over THAT any day!