Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Most people I know find Valentine's Day cheesy and silly. But not me. A holiday devoted to consuming a mass quantity of candy, having loads of sex and spending time with the one I love is a holiday I wholeheartedly support.

This year, R and I have finally agreed to get the tattoos we have talked about for years, but never been able to do. I love my husband so much, I would sky write it, but I will settle for permanently etching it onto my body. Stay tuned for photos.

I don't love R for dozens of roses or boxes of chocolate. I don't love him for supporting a lifestyle that keeps me in $100 yoga pants or diamond rings. None of that matters. He is kind, but not in the cheesy sense of the word.

This is a man who really listens to me, who offers criticism when it is needed and will not let me get away with the crap I have always pulled with all past boyfriends. He provides the perfect counterbalance to my insanity and remains the only evidence I can find that G-d does exist. I am not the type to believe in fate or fairy tales, but he changes that. He is not perfect, but he is absolutely perfect for me.

Sometimes I wonder why I would get so lucky in love while so many others don't. I don't have an answer, but I am grateful every day for the fact that I did. And I hope every single day that my children find someone who makes them feel this comfortable, secure and happy.

Today I am also thinking of my uncles in LA who are the only happily coupled adults I saw growing up. The way they looked at eachother, laughed together and held hands after more than 30 years together serves as an example of what I want in my life and I think R and I are a lot like them.

I am thinking of 18,000 couples in California who want only to feel this same way and the fact that there are people out there who want to take that away from them. Why anyone wants to destroy love remains a mystery to me. Maybe they are the bitter types who have found their own love lives lacking (I believe Ken Starr must have the worst sex/love life in history given his history of utter prudery--a made-up word).

I have it on good authority that love always trumps hatred. So, I am signing this petition. and I hope you will, too.

Let's let everyone have as happy a Valentine's Day as I plan to have.