Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Like, Whoa

The octuplet mom has been getting a lot of press lately and while I mostly do not care what people do with their uteri (is that the plural?), I am kind of freaked out by the backlash against this woman thanks to this article.

Maybe it is the timing with the recession and people worrying more about their own resources, but I kind of think this is insane. Are people really making DEATH THREATS against this woman? Jesus people, you watch the Duggars and Jon and Kate, Plus 8, both of whom I find to be repugnant, resource-sucking uterus exploiting weirdos. So why all the hate on this woman?

I get that she can't afford to raise the kids, but is she really the first psycho to make bad parenting choices? The idea that these 8 kids will receive no resources, that people have pledged to boycott any product that donates to this poor woman, is pretty depressing. Am I the only one who thinks these kids ought to have diapered bums? How else are they going to get them when this family so clearly cannot afford them?

This woman has mental issues, it is clear. I wish she would give up some of these babies, but this is not our decision, people. What happens in someone else's uterus is (gasp) none of our damn business. If it were, and if I were in control, you'd better believe the number of babies born each year would dramatically decline. There would be no teen moms, no moms who had not passed parenting tests. Or better yet, let's let my husband decide. He thinks all people should be sterilized at birth and then have to pass a series of tests and get a parenting license before they can get the procedure reversed. How is that for an Orwellian future?

Look, I am not defending this woman and her despicable actions. Who could? But I am defending these poor babies who do exist and I am so sick of the mob mentality my fellow citizens like to take on when things like this come up. Take your pitchforks and head over to the Duggars. It seems they are teaching some screwed up values involving horrific hair and sewing projects gone awry.


Stephanie said...

I think the only difference between the Octo-mom and the Duggars is that (while I agree with NEITHER - yay for ZPG!) at least the Duggars don't have 18 children all of the same age! They have a large family, not a defacto daycare center. Their elder children are able to help with some of the day-to-day responsibilities. Octo-mom has infuriated a lot of people because 1. she is exploiting the fact that people WILL care for the babies simply because they are not at fault (this includes her own mother, whom she has driven into bankruptcy for precisely this reason!) 2. She has created a distorted perception of IVF and what it used for in other medically ethical situations. 3. Though apparently from humble means, she was able to afford (elective) plastic surgery in addition to the expensive IVF treatments? Someone (taxpayers?)are paying for all of this. Something doesn't add up. I actually blame Jon and Kate + 8 for glamorizing the "perks" that they have received for being parents - maybe Ms. Suleman is hoping for the same. So after all that, I do have to agree that the death threats are over the top - people need to get a grip. In the grand scheme of things, there are more important issues we should be worrying about these days.

Lis Garrett said...

I don't agree with the death threats either, but I can certainly understand why people are upset. From what I've read/watched, the Duggars are self-suffient and don't rely on any government programs. They live very frugally, too (or as frugal as a family that large can live). They built their own house by themselves! Also, their children don't seem to have suffered the negative consequences of coming from a large family simply because, like Stephanie said, they're not all the same age. I'm certainly not advocating having that many children, but the Duggars make it work. It's obvious they are loved and well-cared for.

I can't speak for Jon and Kate, because I don't watch that program. They don't quite fascinate me in the same way the Duggars do.

Octomom lives with her mother in a cramped (and cluttered/dirty house) and has made some questionable choices. Everything about the situation just seems unethical. Unfortunately, it's those children who will be the ones to suffer.

Kristi said...

I agree with you, to a point. These babies are going to be the ones to suffer from their mother's horrendous choices, and that shouldn't be. That said, I think there are some big differences between the Duggars/Jon and Kate and Octomom, namely, the IVF issue, and her wonton disregard for the health of those babies by having multiple high-order embryo transfers. The Duggars, crazy as they are, are just letting "nature take its course" because their faith doesn't allow for birth control. Jon and Kate did an IUI, which sometimes results in twins, but almost never in more than triplets. Both the Duggars and Jon and Kate have stable familes with incomes. Octomom, with no job and no means to provide for her existing 6 children, let alone 8 more, had 6 embryos transferred and this wasn't the first time she did this. And her reasons for wanting so many children are incredibly selfish and deluded.

I feel sorry for those babies too.