Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The One Where I am a Giant Hypocrite

Ok, so I had the best intentions when I said last year that we were not going to the whole Santa thing.

But then my daughter became a defiant, opinionated almost 2-year-old who has fallen head over heels for "Seeta." She sees him everywhere and gasps. She points him out in the stores, on posters, in photos and on the news. She screams "Ho!Ho!Ho!"

I still resisted the temptation of taking her to see the man in the red suit because a.) I would be a giant hypocrite and b.) I did not want to wait in a long line. But then I started to feel guilty. What if we never got this chance again? What if she was the ONLY kid whose grinchy parents would not let her see Santa?

So I acquiesced and the result is as follows:

She was thrilled when she saw him, screaming "SEETA! SEETA!" But then cooled quickly when we suggested she sit on his lap with her brother. So, we all piled on. And yes, I realize I have done a complete 180. It's my prerogative, yo.

Having a two-year-old is very different than having a baby and I am not opposed to being flexible. The kid has her own mind and desires and my job is to support them. And if that means I have to sit on a jolly man's lap, well then so be it.

Besides, this Santa could almost make me believe.


Stephanie said...

I, for one, am glad you channeled your inner Bobby Brown. The result is well worth it! Love the photo.

Kristi said...

Awww... great photo. So much better than Isabella's and my lap-sitting experience last year: http://interruptedwanderlust.blogspot.com/2007/12/ho-ho-horrified.html

This year, she's obsessed as well, but wants nothing to do with getting near him.

Agent Saskia said...

Cute picture! Your smile does not communicate "Bah Humbug" on bit!

M said...

Ok. Seriously, how cute are you?

Lis Garrett said...

Great photo! We've never taken pictures with Santa, only because the kids have never asked. I think they have a healthy respect/fear for the man who determines whether or not they get any presents left underneath the tree for them on Christmas morning. LOL!

Hannah doesn't believe in Santa, although she believes in the "spirit" of Santa and giving. Jacob and Bridget . . . well, I'm going to milk it with them as long as I can!

Sarah P. said...

That's a great Santa! He looks just like a Santa should look, and not really sweaty at all. ;)

Merry Christmas!