Friday, December 5, 2008

Big Day

We had a big day around here.

Sam hit a big milestone when she saw her first movie (Bolt). She has noticed posters of it and R had let her watch some previews. She was so riveted that we thought she might be able to sit through it. And we were right.

She was totally, utterly, entirely fixated on the screen. For two hours. It was almost scary. At the end, she screamed, "MORE DOG! MORE DOG!" She was ready to sit through it again. I am not a fan of kid's movies, but I am a fan of any movie, so the idea that she can sit through a whole one is pretty exciting and offers a new form of entertainment this winter.


We also put the double stroller together for the first time, which is a welcome change from the Bjorn that broke the mommy's back.

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