Monday, December 8, 2008

C is for Cookie

Little piece of trivia about the B-W Family: nobody does anything alone. If R cooks, we are there to entertain him, we all grocery shop/run errands/go to the Dr. and do everything else together. R and I started it when we first got married and saw no reason to amend it after we had children. They just come along for the ride.

Making cookies is no different. R beat the butter, I made the rest of the dough, R rolled it out, Sammy and I decorated it. And somewhere in that family togetherness, Ms Grinchy Pants (me) actually caught a little yuletide cheer. We listened to my running music instead of carols. We had to rock, bounce and cajole Alan into submission. And our entire kitchen is now covered in a fine layer of red and green crystallized sugar. But the spirit of the holiday--family togetherness--was rocked. We had a blast.

I will have a big exciting post on our adventure at my other blog tomorrow, but I will leave you with these photos and the promise of manana.


Kristi said...

So glad you had a good time channeling your inner Martha. And your cookies look delicious!

Agent Saskia said...

We totally did the same thing yesterday! Good times!