Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Me

Today I am unabashedly happy. Mariel comes back from Italy and finally (!!) gets to meet Samara. And... drum roll please. I squeezed back into a pair of 28 jeans. They did not look good by any means. But they fit. They buttoned. And since I only have about 14 pounds left to lose, I feel like the prize is in sight. Samara and I celebrated these two events by dancing around the house while Amy Winehouse blasted. Then she fell asleep.

Here we are dancing:

And Later....Meeting Auntie Mar!


Editorgirl said...

Congrats on the size 28 jeans! Good for you and I'm so happy your sister made it back safely and finally met her niece. Hope you are well!

Kristi said...

It's a momentous occasion when you can fit into the skinny jeans again. I remember fondly the day I could!

Great pictures too. Glad Samara was finally able to meet her aunt!