Thursday, May 3, 2007

Where was that Damn Rubber Duckie When We Needed Him?

Thank you so much to Kristi over at Interrupted Wanderlust for nominating me for a Thinking Blogger Award . I am working on a response with my own nominations right now, but it is hard since I would have nominated Kristi. One of the other people I would have nominated deleted her blog. So, I need some time to come up with five.

In other news, R and I have solved a particularly vexing problem. For some reason, we were unwilling to buy a baby bathtub. For me, it was an aesthetic thing. They are an eyesore and I so do not need another ugly, plastic baby thing cluttering our condo. For R, it was a money thing. Sometimes he gets upset about spending $20. Like the day I told him I wanted to buy some free weights and he started practically hyperventilating. No idea why this is. But between the two of us, we were dead set against the baby bathtub.

Instead we tried to bathe her while we held her in the bathtub. Let me tell you, it is LOADS o' FUN to sit in a pee/poop filled lukewarm tub with a slippery baby. Since I like my showers one degree from scalding and find the entire concept of a bath (stewing in your own dirt and oil) revolting, I let R be the one to sit with her. It started fine. But once she was actually in the bath, her screams reached a pitch rarely heard by humans.

Next, we bought the flat teddy bear bath sponge and put that in our sink. It was very soft and covered the entire bottom of the sink. We figured it was the sheer size of our bathtub that was bothering her. Surely the sink--a much more Sammy-sized bathing unit--would be appealing. Not so. In fact, the teddy bear sponge was less popular than the slithery, slimy soapy bathtub method. In a last ditch effort to make the sink/teddy bear combo appealing, we submerged her in a towel, wrapped head to foot. It worked. Once. The next time, the Little Miss yelled like we set her on fire.

Finally we trudged to babies r' us, tails between our legs. We bought a baby bathtub. It folds to save space. And only cost $9.99. As we were leaving, R pointed out that we probably spent about $30 on items trying to avoid spending the $9.99 on the tub. Silly and stubborn we are. But oh lord, was it worth it in the end. The last two baths have been bliss. She is quiet and sweet. She almost smiled in the bath the other day, something I would have thought impossible two weeks ago. I was sure we would have the dirtiest baby in the world. That she would someday sit on a therapist's couch, dirt caked behind ears, explaining why she had not taken a bath in 15 years. So even though it sits on our counter, clogging the space, Mama loves it. Think of the therapy bills we have now saved our munchkin! And daddy was finally able to take those adorable bathtime photos every parent must have:


Mackenzie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. That looks more like a Bath Recliner, or a Bath Laz-Z-Boy!

Editorgirl said...

So sweet - glad you guys finally found a way to make it work :-)

Kristi said...

Yeah, unfortunately, I think you'll probably just have to cave in to the idea of having a house full of plastic monstrosities for the next few years. It sucks, but it's inevitable.

And those photos-soo adorable. She looks so much like you.