Thursday, February 1, 2007

Mad Props

I want to give a shout out to the items I have been loving of late:

1.) My peri-bottle: Immediately after the delivery, I was handed a small plastic squirt bottle and told to use it after I peed. Initially I scoffed. Why would I need such a thing? A week later, I want to shout about it from on high. It may actually BE the best invention since sliced bread. Totally soothing, but non-invasive like some of the other "self medications" they gave me at the hospital. It is most enjoyable for postpartum, but I am also thinking all women should have one just because. So I am spreading the word. Peri bottle. Look into it.

2.) Soothies: Here's a little known fact few women share: breastfeeding. It hurts. From the moment Samara latched on 20 minutes after birth, I knew I was in for it. It felt like a line of fire driving straight from my nipple down my leg into my feet. My toes curled. I am assured it gets better (although additional assurance is always welcome), but in the meantime, I am getting well acquainted with soothies, magical pads that go over the nipple between the bra and skin and make my burning nipples feel that much better.

3.) Moses Baskets: Our little one has turned up her week old nose at the swing. She poo-pooed the pack and play on sight and forget about the bassinet. It is our bed or bust for Samara. Luckily, she is ok with the Moses Basket. She is currently lying in it, eyes open, making little cooing noises. Tonight, we are bringing it into our bedroom because anything that keeps her 190 pound father from rolling onto her in the night is ok by me.

4.) Frozen Food: Friends and family have brought (and in the case of my amazing aunt who came yesterday, made) a lot of frozen food. We will be able to eat for weeks without having to menu plan, shop or even leave the house. I can get used to that.

5.) Glider (and boppy): Initially I questioned buying a glider. We have dozens of perfectly good chairs, why would I need such a specific piece of furniture in our tiny nursery? Well, I was wrong. So wrong. It had not occurred to me that I would be chained (or latched, as it were) to my baby for upwards of 8 hours a day. The glider and boppy pillow together make breastfeeding more than tolerable, they make it enjoyable with the soothing rocking motion and high arm prop. Now I just need to get the TV in there and I am all set.

My aunt came into town yesterday. She cooked all day, freezing five meals for us. She grocery shopped. She watched the baby and sent me and R out to sushi when I was hovering dangerously close to my first real post-Samara breakdown. So in the maddest prop of all: My aunt P. R and I are people who like to do it on our own, but I am quickly learning it really does take a village.

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Kristi said...

The breastfeeding does get easier. It was painful at first for me as well (and I had mastitis too), but soon the pain will go away. And amen to #4 and #5.