Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Baby, Baby

Samara had her first pediatrician appointment yesterday. The trip to the office alone was amusing. It is a one mile walk so we got her all bundled and ready to go, which took twice as long as we thought. Then I was holding her at the door while R arranged her stroller when I heard a squirt from her nether regions. I had to unbundle her, change her diaper and head back to the door. Guess what? ANOTHER poop two seconds later. Unbelievable. We finally made it to the pediatrician despite my stress over whether she would freeze on the walk (she didn't--in fact, she got too hot because we bundled her so heavily).

The appointment was good. She has put on two ounces--yay! My little anorexic baby can stop being supplemented with formula now (something the hospital made us do because she lost 10% of her birth weight so quickly).

I got out of the house alone (to the gym) for a bit today and was rather emotional about it. It felt so good to go back to the gym and to be human, but the world looks really different to me now. I was looking at people and wondering if their lives were the same last week as they are now since mine barely resembles the old one. All I do is sit in my glider, nursing her. She eats like a machine--15 times a day. My poor breasts. Who knew breast feeding was so hard (a post for another day)?? Then again, who knew any of this is so hard. Nevertheless, she is a healthy, adorable little thing and I am so thankful to have her in my world. Here are some newer photos:


Editorgirl said...

I can't believe how beautiful she is!

Beagle said...


Kristi said...

She is so adorable! And yes, breastfeeding is hard. Prepare to be permanently tethered to your baby for the next year (or however long you plan to do it). And you're back at the gym less than a week after having her? Good God, woman, you're hard-core! :)

Kris said...

I'm sure its a tough adjustment, but you're doing great...and she's a doll! Congrats again!