Sunday, December 10, 2006

Where is Mr. Rogers When You Need Him?

R, Rocky and I took our Saturday walk closer to dusk this week. It was like a scene out of a children's book called "The People in My Neighborhood" only instead of meeting the postman, the baker, the butcher and the policeman, we met:

1.) THE DRUNK DOG-LOVER: a very friendly man who was very excited by Rocky. He also had a dog who looked slightly beaten down by life. Through slurred words and a drunken smile, the man told us he got the dog with his girlfriend who then left him "because of my drinking." One day he went to Dunkin Donuts where he also told the workers there about his girlfriend (this was in 2001). He said they told him: "She'll be back." And he said he has been waiting ever since. To lighten the mood I told him he got the better end of the deal (he got the dog). He said, "I'd rather have the girl."

2.) THE LAZY TEENAGE BAKERY WORKER: We stopped in at our friendly neighborhood bakery to get some black and white cookies--a favorite of R's. As I made my order, the teenage clerk never took her ear away from the phone on which she was vividly describing her date the night before. She did manage to get my change correct, though. Let's hear it for multi-tasking.

3.) THE POT SMOKING COLLEGE STUDENTS: We never actually SAW them, but we did smell their weed for at least two city blocks.

4.) THE EAGER DOG RESCUE WORKER: This woman was very excited to see Rocky because her dog (who was barking loudly) was a Sato, just like Rocky. She wanted to talk a lot. And we wanted to run because let's face it, its bad enough having one dog bark, two is the #1 cause of shaken doggie syndrome.

5.) THE CROTCHETY OLD MEN AT THE GAS STATION: "Wasn't gas 2 cents less yesterday?" they cried in unison. "I remember when gas was 2 cents a gallon" (and they probably really did)

and... last but not least...


About a week ago, the strangest Christmas decoration appeared in our neighbor's yard:

It looks... Kind of.. Like a hippo? Hence, the Christmas Hippo. Oh Christmas hippo, you do amuse us so.

Who knew four miles of walking could bring so many characters? In other news, today
is my maternal grandmother's (Nana) 85th! She said she never felt old until this birthday. Amazing.


Kristi said...

LOL.I have some characters in my neighborhood too. It's funny, during my late pregnancy walks, Rich and I would walk by this one house that we swore was a meth lab, because it smelled like ammonia outside. And I can't see the hippo picture!

Kristi said...

Okay, that is the weirdest Christmas "lawn ornament" I've ever seen.