Saturday, December 9, 2006

Book Learnin'

R and I took our third class this morning--Infant CPR. Of the three we've taken so far (Hypnobirthing, which was technically four classes and breastfeeding 101 included), this was the scariest. We started simple with practicing chest compressions and breaths into the mouth if the baby ever should stop breathing (G-d forbid). Then we went on to choking, which was the part that terrified most of the people in the room. As I was holding the doll, flipping her over and pounding her back, I could not help but think: if this were my real child and this were actually happening, would I have the strength of mind to do this? And if (G-d forbid) it did not work, what then? Once everyone in the class appeared to be in the same world of terror, class ended. Then we had a rousing discussion on making sure that anyone who ever babysits for our children has had this training. It is amazing how decisions you make in that five minutes between a child choking and a child dying could make all the difference and the idea that someone would be with my child alone that did not know how to save her makes me want to spread the gospel. Whew. I hope Infant Care Basics on Dec. 27 is a little lighter. Diaper changing seems like a cinch next to restarting my baby's heart.

After class, I bought my first nursing bra in size HUGE. It was kind of fun to try on, though. As a soon-to-be-mommy who is still not focused on the practicality of it all, the flip down cups are pretty amusing for me. "Easy access" won't mean the same thing in two months, but for now I am digging the crotchless panty vibe. My maternity store and Frederick's of Hollywood have something in common. On another note, I am not sure what to do if I get any bigger. I got the 34 DD-F size, which was the largest cup size they had. I may have to get them made by the same tailor who fits Dolly Parton if they grow any more--and I hear I will.

Last night we broke our usual routine of Fri night vegging and went out with our friend T and his friends Edward and Paola. Yes sir, we got our butts off the couch, drove to someone's house and went to a dinner. At a place that had valet parking. Yes, it was a banner night in the life of this family. Turns out Paola is pregnant and due on the same day as me. Quite an amazing coincidence. On top of this, they are also having a girl and decorating their room in lilac. They also honeymooned in the DR in the same place we did AND they have a little dog they like to dress up and let sleep in their bed. Cue the Twighlight Zone music. Our doppelgangers were a lot of fun and the food was good. I made it to 11 p.m., which was pretty amazing for me. All in all a good evening and a nice opportunity to crawl out of our hole and blink at the world outside (an appropriate metaphor for our baby who is due on groundhog's day, after all).

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