Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ani 10 Months

This month Mama has discovered that baby boys are indeed, SO MUCH fun to dress.


Because of this and this and this and this

It used to be that I thought Ani was a bargain since I cared not what he wore. But now? He may be the pricier one given the biker jackets, flame pants, band onesies and smartass sloagans he can wear. It is so exciting, I can hardly stand it.

In other news, Ani can now say 6, yes SIX words. At 10 months. These words include, dog, Zaydee, Mama, Dada, hi and bye. He is quite the verbal genius, which is a good thing because he is not a physical genius. Like at all. Like to the point where his father said the other day, "maybe he will be a computer programmer because he sure won't be an athlete."

I kid, I kid. I am well aware that kids develop differently and that his physical milestones at 10 months indicate nothing about his future prowess. Still, we are worried. It is that bad.

The boy does not roll (though he can). He does not crawl (or make any attempt to do so). He does not pull up. He does not walk.

I joke, but in truth I am slightly concerned. I know I have said in the past that I am not worrying about milestones, but I feel slightly guilty that he loathes tummy time so much he has done it about five times in his short life. I worry we hold him too much or drag him to too many things for his sister while he stays in the Ergo. I am worried. Period.

The pediatrician says he is just exceptionally verbal and will catch up with the rest, but I am his mommy and I can't help but be concerned that something is wrong with him.

He is a good sleeper for the most part, still wedded to his two naps a day (like clock work at 8:30 and 1). He sleeps through the night mostly, but wakes between 5 and 5:30, which is truly hideous. I have always been an early riser, but 6:30/7. That was early to me. I cannot believe how much of a difference that one hour makes. Luckily, R is almost always willing to get up with him while I grab my last hour of sleep. But the early morning runs/writing hours I had with Sam? Gone like the wind.

He is a sweet, sweet boy. So sweet I never want to put him down. I love when people smile at him and he gives a shy grin and buries his little head in my shoulder. I love his two little teeth at the bottom and his gigantour, Sputnik head. He and his sister go back and forth between holding hands in the backseat of the car, tickling eachother/playing and trying to beat the shite of out one another (with his sister almost always winning. For now.) I guess that is the nature of the sibling relationship, but I wish I could leave them alone together in order to do things like, you know, PEE.

In other Ani-Bear news, he waves hi and bye, claps his hands and laughs almost constantly. He is, like his sister, a slow nurser now, always distracted. I am probably going to wean him around 1, though, so this only works to my advantage. There are some other developments that I do not want to share in a public forum, but do need to remember for the baby book and future mocking, so I will only allude to them here in order to remind myself at a later date.

Sam is starting a Spanish class today to prepare for her new bilingual preschool in the fall (more on this later). The class is for ages 6 months-4 years, so Ani will probably also learn. Perhaps he will be fluent both in English and in Espanol before he learns to crawl.

This kid is muy fabuloso and I thank my bueno suerte every day for having a boy, especially this one.


JM said...

hey, we're also up that early over here, most days. oy. as for the developments you don't want to share, if it's anything like the developments i don't share, isn't is amazing how hard they can pull it?? :)

he can't be both verbal genius and a climbing god. the physical stuff will probably kick in very soon.

it would be fun to get him and max together! let me know when works for you. i think your schedule is busier than mine.

Andromeda said...

One thing that people told me when V was little (and also not hugely physically adventurous) is that very large children are often slower to hit physical milestones -- it's just too much weight to haul around. So you may be seeing a contrast between what little S and enormous A can do at that age. He'll catch up :).

Kristi said...

One of my friends bought Isabella some awesome stuff from RetroBaby when she was an infant. They have the best stuff!

Isabella loathed tummy time and so do the twins. I do force the twins to do it, but only for a short while. Alan will crawl and roll when he's ready.

Wait-where are the pictures??