Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sam at 2 Years, Four Months

The past month has been a whirlwind of change for Sammy. It seems that, more than any other month, she has gone from baby/toddler to girl/preschooler. She climbs well, she speaks clearly, she runs, puts her own clothes on and... drum roll please....pees and poops in the potty--almost 100 percent of the time.

In addition to all these changes, she is also bonding with her brother more. She always wants him near, she likes to fetch toys for him, hug him when she sees him and sing to him when he is fussy. It is so sweet and makes me happy that she has finally seen the benefit of this constant companion.

As for the potty, I am ridiculously proud of her. I am not sure whether it was school or what, but all of a sudden, she started telling us when she wanted to go potty. For about three weeks, she has been "bladder trained" but had never gone #2. Until last week. She came upstairs, by herself, sat on the potty and emerged victorious. "I pooped!" she screamed. Sure enough, she had. And that was that. As usual with my Sam, she did it herself. My kid is totally on autopilot. There is not a single milestone we have ever had to help her with. Sleeping through the night, walking, crawling, pulling up, potty training, talking. She has done every one of these things on her own time, when she wants and entirely self-directed (and often early, too). I know, I know. I sound like a braggart, but it is less that (I swear) and more just awe.

My kid is so independent, it takes my breath away. She is like a little adult. I find myself having to be very cautious and remind myself that she is still so young because it would be very easy to forget and have too high of expectations.

This month everything is "let me try"; "I want to do it by myself." She wants to put on her own shoes (thank g-d for baby Havaianas), clothing, underwear. She wants to brush her own hair, soap her own body, wipe her own bum. It is both good and bad. I am the type of person who is in a perpetual hurry, so waiting for my preschooler to do it "myself" often has me tapping my foot anxiously, heart pounding. But, I also know it is good for her to learn this stuff, so I am trying to exercise what little patience I have.

The past two months, she has really started down the "kids say the darndest things" path. She makes me and R pee our pants laughing almost daily. Of course, when pressed, I can never remember all the funny things, but her view of the world and constant commentary is hilarious.

Although she remains a complete Daddy's Girl, I also feel like my role has become clearer this month. She relies on my constant presence and thinks of daddy as a novelty, someone who has more patience and time with her when he is home, but I provide the foundation. I am mostly ok with this since I do think girls need good relationships with their dads. R, on the other hand, is like putty, though he is loath to admit it. I can't imagine how he will take her growing up since right now she absolutely worships him. Both of us are super grossed out by dads who refer to their daughters as "princess" and such nonsense. R has done a great job of treating her just as he would treat a son and I think Sam is better for it. Even still, there is something about that father/daughter bond that is just innate. I think it is very good for Sam, overall.

Since R has gone back to work, we have been buying Sam gifts almost daily. She is going to be so spoiled. But it is so much fun. This month she has amassed two toddler scooters (one for the lake house and one for the city); seven new dresses; one Radio Flyer inchworm; five pairs of shoes; one pair of moose pajamas; a pink umbrella; a stuffed airplane that makes noise; several playskool airplanes; an entire airport and many other small things like books/stickers, etc. I must be stopped. I must. Especially considering Ani has amassed approximately nothing. We have pretty much given her a new toy every day this month. Ugh.

She has become such a little girl this month, oohinh and ahhhing over dresses, necklaces (and even bras!) She is into labeling people, as in, "I am a girl; Ani is a boy; Mommy is a girl and Daddy is a boy." She is also very different with men than with women. The other day we were at the gym and a really cute, young trainer came in and suddenly little miss "BY MYSELF!" was batting her eyelashes and asking for help with her shoes. If this kid continues down this path, we are in big, big trouble. Or, as R says, the boys are in big, big trouble.

She loves, loves, loves her umbrella this month. Photos include my proud #2 potty goer and twirling her fave toy in the world.

Some photos:

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