Monday, February 23, 2009

Super Bad

It has been a bad, bad week. Just bad. Among the highlights (and not in order of importance):

1.) I broke my foot. And not even in a good way. I fell down the stairs while running up to retrieve a toy for Ani. I stubbed my toe and fractured my first metatarsal. Luckily I can still work out, but I can't run. For 6-10 weeks (but probably more like 3) When the doctor told me this I burst into tears. Since then, I have discovered that a broken foot really does not hurt that much. Had I not gone to the doctor, I would have surely continued to run. Instead, I am using this as an excuse to focus my attention on weight training, cross training, the step mill and the rower (!!) I am off to a good start and am already sporting five massive blood blisters from rowing for an hour. So, look out abs and arms, it is your turn this next three weeks.

My foot:

Sam keeps saying, "mommy foot purple?"

2.) I have salmonella. Thanks to the gym and the free sample of peanut butter smoothie, I am now ill. Super ill. I will spare the details, but suffice it to say that the Oscars now seem like they were a long, long time ago to me.

3.) R's dad is sick. Per R's request, these are all the details we are sharing, but again, very stressful.

4.) R's job situation is extremely volatile right now. Again, details are being withheld, but this could be a massive positive, it good be a massive downer. We just don't know yet. And the way things are going in our lives, I am fearing the worst.

5.) Last week I was puked on by Sam. She pooped in the tub Rocky pooped on my sister while she was babysitting and Sam has been slightly under the weather all week.

I really hope things get better because, while I am thankful that my two children are healthy, this is a whole lotta bad for one week.

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Stephanie said...

In honor of the silver lining...your pedicure looks fantastic! :) Hang in there; it's got to get better.