Friday, January 9, 2009


I am utterly drained from these past couple weeks of not getting to bed before 1 a.m. and stressing about everything from money to weather to jobs. On top of that, I have nothing to blog about save for these few gems:

1.) I have discovered a new downside to interfaith marriage. This has nothing to do with my own interfaith marriage and everything to do with my parents. Perhaps had I known this, I would have thought twice about beginning one of my own. On the upside, I have an excellent essay topic.

2.) I am down to my pre-Alan weight. I attribute most of this to cutting out sugar, but also to cutting out food in general. My two children keep me from eating. Baby-induced anorexia. Yay.

3.) Despite #2, I am still not back in all of my old clothes perfectly. Sure, I can get them on. But do they look good? Nope. So... What's up with that?

For more details, please check out the Pregnancy blog.


Andromeda said...

#1 -- totally has my curiosity piqued.

#3 -- ever since my pregnancy/C-section (don't know which to blame), pants have been able to simultaneously be borderline falling off and giving me muffin-top. I cannot believe the unfairness.

Agent Saskia said...

#3. I know this too well. What were once nice shirts are now baby doll shirts circa "Friends 1995". Jeans that once hugged my hips are squeezing my hips as if holding on for dear life.

Kristi said...

I hope to God I haven't left my pre-twins weight in the dust for good. The weight is coming off, but way too slowly for my liking.

And yes, dish on #1, please.