Friday, January 2, 2009

Ani at Five Months (AKA: Sleep, Where Art Thou?)

Ani is a wonderful baby in so many ways. He smiles easily, laughs frequently and generally seems to enjoy life. But, Oh G-d do I miss sleep.

Nothing changes with Ani. We will have a couple nights of 9-hour stretches and then a week of pure torture where he is up every two hours. You saw my goals yesterday. We cannot keep existing on 6-7 broken hours of sleep per night. It is not awful, but it does not allow me to function at peak level and I am desperate for normalcy and the guarantee of a solid eight hour stretch (and time alone at the end of the evening with my spouse).

We were so spoiled with Sam.

Beyond that, Ani is a joy. He is working very hard on rolling over. He has done both back to front and front to back once, but does not do it consistently so we are trying to give him some more time on the floor and on his tummy. Now that his sister is going through a devotion stage (instead of a Must Kill Anni stage), we can allow him more time on the floor and in other places that are within her reach.

He is so close to sitting and can do so for a couple seconds before toppling. I am really looking forward to him being able to sit on his own as I suspect (and have heard) it will make my life markedly easier.

Having two kids is a challenge (see my Jan. column) Or maybe it just is for me. But either way, this is the hardest thing I have ever done. Don't get me wrong, they are amazing and there are moments of pure joy and warmth and coziness, but there are also a lot of wanting to cry moments and moments of pure boredom. I feel like the moms who say two are easy are either not also trying to have a career or are lying (or have more childcare than I do and an easygoing, sleeping, bottle drinking baby). I am not going to do that. Ani has made my life infinitely more difficult, but he is also his own little person and has brought something exciting and unique to our family.

I can't wait to watch him grow into a fun-loving, adorable boy.


Andromeda said...

OMG, the face! It is completely different from the last time I saw it! Cute kid.

Kristi said...

Such a cutie. And yes, those women are lying through their teeth.