Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Coming!

As I slogged my way through my Mon. morning three miler earlier today, I noticed three things.

1.) It was too cold to run in a tank top
2.) The leaves are turning gold and yellow
3.) "Thriller" was on my ipod

What do these add up to? Only a few more weeks until my favorite holiday of them all. Even though I usually have our costumes planned months in advance, this time of year always excites me as I get to planning. What activity will we do at the party this year? Will I wear one costume to all three parties and trick-or-treating or try to mix it up?

These are the dilemmas I now face. Halloween is also R's birthday, so I have to decide what to do for him as well. With all the hay rides, apple picking, fall beach days and pumpkin patches in our future, I am getting excited about the prospect of the new, crisp season upon us. Saying goodbye to summer is hard, but having kids in the fall is amazing.

My Sept. column

Our costumes will remain a surprise, but Sam's favorite shoes hold the clue:


Editorgirl said...

Ooh! Is she going to be Dorothy?? I love the fall too my friend. Can't wait - I was actually thoroughly disappointed it was so muggy on Saturday. I'm ready!

Kristi said...

You're so right: Fall is an awesome time to have kids. I'm with Liz: I'm guessing a Wizard of Oz theme.