Friday, July 18, 2008

The One Where I Channel Veruca Salt

I do NOT want to share my birthday. I am telling this kid it is either today or Sunday, but it is NOT tomorrow.

I am having a lot of contractions, some that even woke my up last night. Whether this is early labor or not remains to be seen... All I know is that this baby better hold out one more day or come tonight because I want my birthday all to myself!

(Disclaimer: I am kind of kidding. In some ways it would be cool to share a birthday, especially since I hate mine anyway... So we shall see...)


Kristi said...

Happy early birthday! It would be sort of neat to share a birthday, but I would want a day (or 365) that's all about me.

Editorgirl said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you're celebrating in style!

g and c boyarko family said...

Happy Birthday! Hope all goes well and you keep your special day to yourself.