Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One Month Left (We'll See if I Make It)

I spent last night in the hospital thanks to cervical pain, intense contractions and my lovely incontinence. Yes, I had a little bout of false labor. Luckily, it was false.

I say "luckily" because our little dry run made me realize just how ill-prepared I am to welcome this child who is coming in short order whether I make it to full-term or not (9 days and counting).

I did not handle myself well at all. R tried to get me to pack. I refused. R tried to get me to pack for Sam. I refused. R tried to get me to deal with anything like an adult. I refused. I am not in any way ready to have this baby. I need at least another week and a half, preferably a bit longer. I still have mucho work to get done and stuff to do to prep for his arrival.

Even more so, I am not ready to say goodbye to our life the way it is. Not yet.

After getting thoroughly checked, I was sent home with the knowledge that I have started to dilate and efface. It is nothing to be alarmed about, she said. But I am inching closer to the finish line as I was "high, tight and closed" just last week. I think he may be an early bird.

The next couple days are non-workout days according to my midwife. Then I can resume running, etc. There is much to be done to prep for this little guy's arrival and it seems like it will be sooner than later.

G-d help us.


Editorgirl said...

Breathe! Let me know if there is anything at all I can do to help. I'll be around if you need me. I'm just a phone call away.

g&c boyarko family said...

Our fingers are crossed for you that he waits this last month out to give you some time to get everything ready for his arrival! Best of luck! If there is anything we can do from afar, please let us know.

Kristi said...

Whoa, baby. Not so fast. He needs to stay put for a few more weeks!