Monday, July 7, 2008

The Fourth

We had a wonderful fourth up at the lake house. The weather was luscious, sun-drenched and warm. We played croquet, hiked for miles, saw horses, went running, took long, scary swims out to the sandbar and kayaked out to see the nesting loons.

It was our last weekend at the lake house for a few weeks since I hit full term on Friday, so leaving last night was bittersweet, but it was lovely to see Sam run around barefoot, chasing the dog, wading in the lake and playing with her new baby pool. She had a blast.

Now we are in full on waiting mode and can't wait to spend part of R's paternity leave cocooning at the lake.

Some photos:

The hammock was one of my favorite spots this weekend and check out the massivity that is my body:(

Sam is now the proud of owner of three American Girl dolls. This one came to her with a matching wardrobe!

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Kristi said...

Great photos. I need to find someone here who owns a lake house, because I could sure use some hammock time of my own (assuming it can hold my weight).