Sunday, July 13, 2008


I am curious what other people on this list think of this advice in the Boston Magazine...

This issue of the Boston Globe Magazine suggests that women not store their pumped breastmilk in the office fridge.

Now, granted, I have never worked in an office environment since having (and breastfeeding) my daughter. I have never had to deal with this particular issue, but I always assumed that had I gone back to work, I would have pumped and stored the milk (clearly marked, of course) in the office fridge.

I am really offended by the idea that this advice columnist is saying that women who work--who I am sure are already taxed enough between pumping and finding childcare for their infants--are now supposed to be worried about how office mates perceive their breastmilk. I do not equate breastmilk, which goes into my child's body as food as being in the same league as "other bodily fluids" as stated in the article.

R says that in his work there are people who would not be mature enough to handle breastmilk in the office fridge, but to this I say: should we really pander to the lowest common denominator or person? I think not. I think we need to support working mothers more as a culture and the idea that we would equate pee or blood or vomit with breast milk is pretty damn offensive to me.

I know I am not the biggest proponent of breastfeeding, but the idea of making things any harder than it already is for working mothers is so offensive to me. I think this is one more example of women being their own worst enemies.


g&c boyarko family said...

What a pathetic article! I agree...breastfeeding, working mothers already have enough on their plate without having to worry about what their co-workers think about the small, innocuous bottle of white substance in the office fridge. Grow up people! I was faced with storing breastmilk in the office fridge when I returned to work and there were absolutely no issues. I did store it in a small black cooler, but everyone knew what it was for. I did this because I had to have a way to transport it home (20-30 minute drive in ABQ summer heat) though, not because I felt any pressure to "conceal" the milk. What about all those jacka**es who leave food in the office fridge for so long it is no longer recognizable? Should we call them to the carpet as well?

Brigid said...

It's ridiculous to put babies health at risk because of other people's immaturity. I had to pump at work for both of my kids and stored the milk in an insulated lunch bag in the company fridge. It was easier to store it in the bag - to transport and to keep it from an accidental spilling (liquid gold as it is!). As common as breastfeeding is now it is still such a taboo topic with some people. I'm with C in that pretty much everyone in my office knew what was in the bag and it wasn't an issue. I'm also with her on the other junk that's in the fridge including disgusting foods! Or how about offending vegans by bringing meat for your lunch?