Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Enjoy Having a Girl

I think it is safe to say that we all know I have a slight gender preference.

I love little girls. Maybe it is because my sister is one, maybe it is because I love drama or maybe it is just because I like to shop. But I would have been mighty satisfied with a family of four daughters. Alas, that is not to be. Luckily, I will have at least one, one who is very lucky because I will heap all my hopes (and shoes and accessories) for four onto her and her alone.

With summer approaching, yesterday was a great day to do some shopping for Sam. She has a huge number of dresses for the summer, but very few play clothes. Since I needed to go to Stride Rite (a girl needs more than two pairs of shoes, dammit) I also stopped in at another couple baby stores as well.

While I would not call it a "spree" perse, I did go just a tad nuts. When I returned to the car, armed with bags and bags of baby clothing, R took one look at me and said, "Did you buy anything for the boy?"

Um, nope. I excuse myself by saying that newborn clothing is boring and they are in PJs/onesies all day anyway. But the reality is, could I ever get anything THIS cute for a boy?

Can't you just picture her with a pair of pom-pom roller skates, a terry cloth headband and the Saturday Night Fever theme playing in the background. Even R could not resist singing the Three's Company theme when she showed up with this.

Let's face it, for a girl who loved dolls, having a baby girl is probably the most fun thing I will ever do. I promise I will adore my son in many unique ways (at least I hope so), but having a girl is just about as fun as I imagined (minus the tantrums and stubborn willfulness, which I am sure will only get worse).

And since yesterday was our tribute to the 70's. I give you none other than my own little Crocodile Rocker:


Lis Garrett said...

HA! Love the outfit!

I can attest that buying clothes for little boys is not nearly as fun as buying clothes for girls. Just wait until your son grows out of the toddler section of any store and advances to the big boys - it's all gray, brown, and navy blue blah.

Kristi said...

It's so true! Clothes for little boys are so boring. It's really hard to get jazzed about brown sweaters with bears on them, and matching courduroy pants. Love Sam's throwback outfit!