Monday, April 28, 2008


One of my least favorite parts of pregnancy is how unsexy I feel.

I know, I know. Some people believe it is a very attractive time for a woman. But if I am not buying, what difference does it make what they think? I often think that OTHER pregnant women look sexy and fertile. But I always think I look like an obese ogre.

The other day I reached the unsexy pinnacle. Walking around my gym, I saw a woman working her glutes. I had to stop and admire. What can I say? She had a nice, cellulite-free butt. I miss mine. I was having a moment.

And then I looked up into the eyes of another person who was also checking out her glutes--a man on the stepmill. He smiled at me, a conspiratory look I am quite certain is normally reserved for his football buddies or locker room pals. I quickly looked away.

But the moment was a low point. I have now reached the end of the line. I am so unsexy, I am now one of the guys.


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Kristi said...

I don't feel sexy either. Not in the slightest. I see so many pregnant women that look fabulous (and not just celebrities). Sadly, I am not one of those women. Misery loves company, though, right?