Monday, March 17, 2008

Running While Gestating

Of late, my exercise schedule has been fairly rigorous. I am running between 10-12 miles a week, spinning once a week, lifting 3x a week, doing prenatal yoga once or twice and I just started the "Perfect Pregnancy Workout", which I would recommend to anyone else who is currently gestating.

I feel good.

For now, I am trying really hard to refrain from thinking too far ahead. I am hoping to keep this up to 40 weeks. Yes, 40 weeks. That may sound crazy to some, but my midwife is ok with me continuing as long as I can on this modified plan. And, quite frankly, it is less than I did before I was pregnant.

The other day while I was running, my legs were burning and I thought they might just split in two. 14 pounds is a lot of extra weight for a runner. Still, I am not too exhausted when I am finished, so I will continue. My worry is that in 10 weeks or so, if I am still running, it will get too hot to continue outside or the weird looks I will get will push me inside. Although, even inside on the treadmill, I get some weird looks.

I can't control the amount of weight I gain. When I am hungry, I eat. But I can control how out of shape I allow my body to get. I am hoping that this pace of exercise will allow me to have an easier labor and a fast recovery physically from the pregnancy.

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But more important than any of this is my friend Kristi at Interrupted Wanderlust. Today she finds out if she is pregnant after undergoing a frozen embryo transfer 12 days ago. She is such an amazing person and I am hoping with all I have that this procedure was successful. Please send her any good thoughts and positive energy you might have today.


Lis Garrett said...

I am so impressed with your workout regime! Good for you!! I can't stand it when pregnant women use their pregnancy as an excuse to let themselves go, although I certainly didn't exercise near the rate you do (and nor do I now!).

In regards to Kristi, she has been on my mind all day!

Kristi said...

That's an incredible workout schedule. I wish I could continue to run. I miss it so much, and it's only been less than 2 weeks since my last run.

Thank you for all the good wishes. They worked!