Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thursday in the ER

After seeing Sicko last week, the last place I wanted to spend my Thursday was anywhere near a hospital, but thanks to a large and painful ovarian cyst, that is exactly what happened.

For seven hours, we waited and waited. I had to wear a hospital gown. I had to be wheeled around in a bed. And I was starving. Note to self: NEVER go the ER hungry, especially when 12.5 weeks pregnant because they will not let you eat and you will end up curled on the bed, crying "I'm hungry," to anyone who will listen. Not my finest moment, but starve a pregnant lady, make her cry. Isn't that how the saying goes?

Anyway, I am fine. It was not big enough to warrant surgery or really any major concern. I was asked to lay off outdoor running for a couple days and given a prescription for Percocet, which I will not take--even recreationally. I hate prescription pain killers and, as of now, I am not in much pain anyway, except when kicked as I learned yesterday with Sam.

In other news, little Sam had her first bloody nose yesterday on her birthday, no less. She was crawling and caught her knees up and her little face slammed into the ground. She cried a bit, but the bloody nose was what really freaked me out. Luckily she calmed down in time to make it to my parent's for a lovely dinner of salmon, rice, salad and three birthday cakes. The party also included the opening of many gifts, including a personal fave from my parents: a tuition fund for Sam. I am very, very relieved since I was beginning to wonder if I would have to sell both my kidneys to pay for these kids' educations.

And the good thing to come from all this drama? We got to see the baby in a new ultrasound, measuring right on schedule with a hearrate of 158 bpm. He/she had his/her legs crossed so no dice on discovering the sex--already disobeying mommy! But here he/she is in all its unisex glory:

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Kristi said...

Oh no! You and Sam both had a trauma-filled week, but you had a big bonus at the end of it all. Hello, Baby!