Saturday, January 12, 2008

An Ornery Pregnancy

This pregnancy has been very different than the first and I feel I can officially say that now since I am at the tail end of the first trimester (11 weeks). I have been sicker. I have been more tired. But most of all, I have been much, much more ornery and angry at the world.

This blog is not the best example of the sunshine-y person I was during my first pregnancy because the time I was here, I was so ready to meet her. But I was so excited and in a great mood for most of my pregnancy. Not sure if it is just because that was my first or because of something else, but either way this pregnancy is quite different in terms of my mood. I am ornery. I am slightly brain dead. I am unable to think of words and now rely heavily on my thesarus since I was finishing my column yesterday and needed an antonym, but could not think of the word antonym.

I find myself much grouchier than I was with Sam and much more irrational. Although, I checked my pregnancy journal from 11 weeks with Sam and here is what I found:

" I added some new photos to my photo album today. Feel free to look at them. I anxiously await the day when I LOOK pregnant. Yesterday I went to lunch with a co-worker who was one of the first people to tell it like it is. "You don't look pregnant yet, you just look like you have put on weight." I was SO grateful for her honesty. I can see my body is changing but all the people I talk to keep assuring me I look the same. Um, thanks, but not true. My note to people hanging out with preggers ladies when they call themselves fat: Honestly, I don't care! Tell me I am fat! Please! For the love of G-d! In all seriousness, I am well aware of the fact that I am thicker, so do not lie to me. It only shoots your own credibility. I am extremely irritable and have been for the past week off and on. Many things annoy me, but being patronized in particular. "

Ok, so maybe I am just an irritable pregnant lady. The hormones really do make a person a bit nuts. I had never noticed that before, but this time, it is really clear. I am not myself. So, try not to hold me responsible for much of what I do over the next 6.5 months. Seem fair? Is pregnancy a defense in court? If not, it certainly should be. I think I will now go write my congressman.

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Kristi said...

I had a short fuse too when I was pregnant, but I'm not sure that's entirely different than the way I am normally. I say you're 100% entitled to be ornery. You're growing another human being, and that's hard and exhausting work.