Friday, January 11, 2008

Cute Kid Story

I swear I am not interested in becoming Reader's Digest, but I had the disturbing realization that I am obsessed with my own child and do not like other children nearly as much. So, in an attempt to try to appreciate all children as much as my own, I will start sharing cute kids stories as they come. So, here is the first:

When my mom was a little girl she was begging her mother for a glass of milk.

"Can I please have my milk?"

"In a minute," my grandmother told her.

"May I PLEASE have my milk?"

"In a minute," Nana said.

Two seconds pass.

"Mommy, can I have my milk please."

My poor grandmother was tired of the begging, tired of telling her to wait. And so she said a little prayer: "Dear lord give me strength."

A minute passes.

"Mommy, when you get your strength, can I have my milk?"

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Beagle said...

You have to love kid logic!