Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not Another Weight Post

Would it really be my blog if I did not at least comment on the weight issues of pregnancy? Here I am at the start of the second trimester (12.5 weeks) and I have gained 5 pounds. Well, gained 6, lost one, but the net result is five extra pounds of weight. As of now, my clothing all still fits me, although I have ceased wearing my smallish tops since they just don't look right. But all my jeans are still in the rotation, although how much longer, I am unsure. Maybe a week? Two if I am lucky?

I am still running about 8 miles a week and still lifting weights/spinning the other days. Some days I am better about eating than others. Some days I figure, why bother? I am just going to gain. Other days I am reasonable and realize if I put on 30 pounds or less (my goal for this pregnancy), I will have 18 pounds less to lose than I had last time.

In many ways I have more perspective this time. As in: I lost it all the first time, I can probably do it again. But in other ways, I am scared: how will I find the time to work out like I will need? We were always planning to have a second, so it was coming at some point and I am glad that I had finally lost all the weight before I got pregnant. But it does kill me just a little that I shed the final pound about one week before I got pregger again. Oh well. As I said, I am trying to keep perspective. This pregnancy is flying and I am committeed to trying to keep my weight gain reasonable. Not that I am planning any extreme or stupid measures to do so, such as dieting or restricting myself when I am hungry. I am trying to eat well and keep exercising and I guess I have to leave the rest up to my body. Genetically I may just be one of those women who needs to pack on more weight than others.

This part of pregnancy is, for me, the hardest. I know it sounds shallow and trite, but I would be dishonest to ignore it. So, I am not. I know I will lose it in the end, mostly because I will not stop until I do. But going back up on the scale after working so hard to get it down is certainly an exercise in patience and understanding. At least this time I know what each pound is buying me. It is all so worth it, so completely worth it. I can't wait to meet this new little person and each pound is getting me closer to that. This is what I try to remember when I am facing a tub of Haagen Daaz trying to decide whether to dig in or not.

My new mantra: I will lose it. And it is worth it.

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Kristi said...

I hear ya. Believe me I do. But like you said, this is a relatively short period in your life, and you will lose the weight, just as you did the last time. And of course- 2.0 is totally worth it. ;)