Thursday, January 31, 2008

Best Day EVER!

Now I don't want to get too far ahead of myself and say that it was all easy. It was not. Some tears were shed, some guilt exclaimed. But mostly, may I just say, ahhhhh. This has been one of my top days of parenthood. Here's why:

1.) I had time to go out and have coffee with a real, live adult and discuss real, live adult things like writing and new projects.

2.) I had time to go to spinning without rushing to make the drop off in the daycare

3.) I did not have to strap a squirming 19-pound child into her carseat 12 times.

4.) I had the opportunity to actually miss my child as opposed to resent her a bit.

5.) I had time to work, to return emails and phone calls and eat my meals, all without a chorus of screaming as the backdrop.

6.) When I called to check on her, she was blissfully asleep and quite content.

In the words of Annie: I think I'm gonna like it here. I cannot even put into words the bliss I feel at a day spent on my own. I missed her, but that in itself is a new opportunity! Overall, I have enjoyed the freedom and the security knowing that someone is giving her good care and playtime and that someone is not me!

Am I a bad mom for these thoughts? Well, maybe. But I am also never going to be in danger of being a martyr mom. I know my limits. I know when to say when. And it was time for me to have some me time. I think ultimately, I will be a better mother to Sam because of it. And so I say, if this is wrong, I don't want to be right.


g&c boyarko family said...

Glad to hear the first day went well and was enjoyed by all! It is so important for you two to have some time away from each other as well...that is a critical component to any relationship! I hope they continue to go so well for you both as you grow more comfortable with the new arrangement!

Chantel said...

YEAH!!!! I feel the same way. Both my boys have been in "school" each since they were around a year old.
I feel not only have I become a better mom...but I feel that my boys are better because of it.


Kristi said...

Whoo-Hoo! It feels good to be able to put yourself first for the first time in a long time, doesn't it? You deserve it.