Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I just heard a story from a local mother that has my blood boiling.

Apparently, she went into a store today with her toddler and was uncermoniously kicked out when her toddler took one thing off a shelf. Bear in mind, he did not break it. He did not do anything of the sort. All he did was pick it up and put it back. But the owner held the door open, said she was "sick of mothers" and kicked this woman out of the store, but not before calling her a bitch in front of her young son.

I am appalled. The store is called Sui Generis and is in Cambridge. Not only will I not be going there again, I urge all fellow mothers (and supporters) to join in this boycott. What kind of store--a store that sells toys no less--treats ANY customer in this manner?

A store I hope to see a "going out of business" sign in very, very soon. Tell one, tell all. This is bullsh#t.


Kristi said...

Disgusting, and also amazing. Apparently that store owner isn't hurting for business in this horrible economy we're living in. I hope that mother planned on dropping a small fortune in that store.

Editorgirl said...

That's horrible. What the hell is wrong with people. Talk about bad for business. Do they have any idea how many of their customers are probably women with children. Thanks for the heads up - they'll never get my business!