Friday, December 14, 2007

Sickly Sam

I have spent the past few days rocking, bathing and wiping the nose of my sick little girl. Not sure whether it was last week's plane trip or her visit with a sick baby, but at any rate, Sam has quickly commenced her first real illness. And with it comes my first real series of meldowns.

Seeing my baby so uncomfortable, her little nose running, her eyes red and watery, is enough to make me lose it. Add to that an inability to leave the house lest she sicken the world and get sicker herself and we have a recipe for serious Mama stress.

I took her to the Dr. on Wed. when it seemed her temperatre was climbing. They told me it was a virus and that it just had to run its course. I assumed its course would be like any adult illness. One day stay home from work, three days sniffly, fifth day done. But no. Sam is no better today than she was on Wed. Her fever, still low-grade, ebbs and flows. Last night it went above 101 and today it is down to 100.6. But it has not remained normal for any length of time. Her cough is worse and worse. And her nose runs and runs.

I can't stand it. I am going stir crazy sitting around the house. I want my old baby back and now realize why so many parents freak out about germs. Baby sickness is not fun. So, send your thoughts and prayers to baby Sam. I am hoping this passes soon. Otherwise, you may see me in my bathrobe outside, shuffling along the sidewalk, my hair long, wild and gray, mumbling things that Ted Kacinski would appreciate.


Mariel said...

get better BABY GOOSE! ill see you tomorrow!

xoxo auntie mar

Editorgirl said...

I'm so sorry poor little Sam is sick. And poor mommy too! She'll get through it and I have faith you will too! Love you!