Friday, December 28, 2007

First Prenatal

I had my first prenatal appointment today and it was mostly what I expected. But when she did the exam of my uterus, she said it felt "small for nine weeks." She suspected I was only seven weeks along.

She told me not to worry. She told me this is common. She told me it was probably fine. But all the same I am concerned. This is not the news I was expecting at all and I am not really sure how to take it. She wanted me to go in for an ultrasound, but they were closing early (damn holidays) so R and I will go in together Mon morning, which is probably just as well. If it is bad news, I want him there with me.

So now I get the fun of getting through the weekend with several deadlines looming next week without losing my mind. TO be honest, I am not sure what to feel. Am I overreacting to say that I am a bit concerned? My uterus was always slightly small with Sam, too. And she said there was nothing to worry about. Still, I would have liked to have that ultrasound right away just so I would know.

Instead, I have to wait. And we all know how well I do that....


Kristi said...

I understand your worry completely. I would feel the exact same way. I hope Monday comes quickly for you, and the ultrasound results erase all your fears. Keep me posted.

Editorgirl said...

Good luck today - I hope everything turns out fine. I'm thinking of you.