Friday, November 2, 2007

Das Boot

Lucky me.

Since having Sam, I have struggled to regain my stride with running. First, I was sidelined with shin splints, then a stress fracture. And just when I was finally back on track, running five miles a day again? I have achilles tendonitis. I visited the doctor yesterday and discovered that the exruciating pain I was experiencing every time I put weight on my foot was not, in fact, a malady requiring amputation (as I suspected) but merely an injury that will have me in a knee-high boot for a month. I can work out, but only on machines where my feet stay flat--the cross trainer, elliptical, step mill. I am so sad to give up running for yet another month, upset to learn that I will (yet again) have to start from scratch in my training. But I am hoping for a speedy recovery and no more injuries.

Why do I love a sport that sidelines me at least twice a year. I have sprained my ankle, my foot, had shin splints and a stress fracture. And now this. My doctor said that one in six runners is sidelined with an injury at any time. But I feel more injury prone than most. Do I need to stretch more? Vary my routine more? Run less (gulp)? What will fix this vexing issue?

In other news, we love our Red Sox!! I knew we would win. Here is a photo of Sam and me showing the Sox some love last weekend:

Sam enjoyed trick or treating, but since she could not have any of the candy, we got plenty. But she was a big fan of people oohing and ahhing over her costume and handing her bright colored rattles that she could play with, shake and chew on:

Check out this month's column for the story of our flight from hell last month...


Editorgirl said...

Great column! Glad you all survived the experience.

Kristi said...

Your flight experience...oh dear God, how awful. I experience this often, as Isabella is just as miserable and crazy in shopping carts as she is in her stroller, but at least I can leave the store. You were trapped. Yikes.

Cute pictures. :)