Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Twas Halloween Day, when all through the city, Samara and her mommy were crazily busy.

Two parties were waiting full of people who care
in hopes that a pepper would soon be there.

The children were costumed, most were in hats
while their minds were full of ghosts and of bats
the cupcakes were frosted, the candy corn gone
most of the children were moving a long

Sam's hand makes good bat wings
I soon would discover
as other children's wrists all were a-flutter
Sam held still, her fingers were traced,
a gift for Daddy, she was trying to make

Once it was finished, we hopped in the car
racing to another party not very far.

That party was hopping, pizzas were served
Sam had chicken, rice and hor d'ouvres
Pumpkins were painted, candy was downed

But there was still one party left in the town
So mommy and Sammy went off yet again
A third party awaited, full of their friends.

Tonight is for candy, beggars and scares
tomorrow it's over, so get off your chairs!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all and to all a good night.


Editorgirl said...

Too cute! And if I haven't told you before - I LOVE her Mary Janes! Happy Halloween!

Crappette said...

I seriously just squealed at my desk when I saw that picture. SO CUTE!!!! -Jeaa

Kristi said...

So adorable. Love the poem, too.
And are Sam's shoes Pedipeds? If so, Isabella has the same shoes, only in white.