Sunday, October 14, 2007

LA Adventures

We just got back last night from a whirlwind trip to the City of Angels. Some observations:

1.) Plane travel with a baby is a NIGHTMARE, especially six hour flights that are interrupted by emergency landings in Dallas--expect a much longer post on traveling with babies on airplanes sometime this week.

2.) R and I spent a lot of time looking at LA real estate since there is a very strong possibility that we will head there once he finishes his PhD (next summer) given the number of biotech companies. There is literally nothing--and I mean NOTHING--that is decently sized with the amenities we will need for under 900K. As my uncle said, we will probably have to move there and rent for a year while we search for something a little more affordable. He assures me that there are deals to be found, but I have yet to see any...

3.) Celebrities run amok in LA. We saw Britney Spears chased by papparazzi at a restaurant, Sharon Osbourne in Chanel and a pack of dolphins playing offshore in Malibu.

4.) LA is home to $128 True Religion jeans for babies, $1 million plastic surgery faces and traffic jams caused by movie shoots. I have been there probably 15 times in my life and never found it to be quite as bizarre as I did on this trip. The word surreal comes to mind, but does little to capture the sense of real events caused by fake circumstances that seems to proliferate the town.

5.) Killer mole. Killer fish tacos. Killer sushi. Reasons enough to move.

6.) Pinkberry is good, but maybe not worth all the hype.

The trip was really wonderful. I have always called myself an East Coast girl because of the pace I like to live my life. But I think Samara has set my biological rhythm to California time. I love the pace there. I love how friendly everyone is. I can see Sam growing up there with her cousins and my friend's kids. I think we could move there and I would be happy--minus the papparazzi and scary Beverly Hills plastic surgeons.

Some photos:

Despite living 15 minutes from the beach ourselves, we have never taken Samara to the ocean. For some reason it seemed to be too much trouble this summer. So her first trip to the sea was in Malibu. She liked the hot, dry sand, but was not a fan of the cold water, high waves or wind that we encountered.

Samara loved playing with her cousins and the daughter of one of my best friend's. It helped us imagine life with a houseful of kids. It was really nice.


Kristi said...

Wow. 900K. Unbelievable! And a Brittney sighting. I would think that was worth all the plane travel hassle, right? ;)

I've never heard of Pinkberry, but I can't see paying over $7.00 for frozen yogurt. Then again, that's probably pennies to the people who live in LA.

Editorgirl said...

Looks like you had a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it when we can catch up next.

Thanks for the heads up on Pinkberry, I've often wondered if it was worth all the hype.

As for the $900K houses, that certainly hurts. Stay here - move closer to me!

g&c boyarko family said...

Glad you had fun...the beach pictures are so cute! I haven't had to do a 6 hour plane trip with D yet, but know that even just a 1.5 hour one alone is overwhelming. I look forward to hearing more on your travel experience.