Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Are you Kidding?

I am going to have to create a section in my blog called, "Are you F$&*&* Kidding Me?" This piece from the Times is clearly going to start things off with a bang.

The piece tells the story of a Manhattan lawyer who is suing her Upper East Side florist for "breach of contract" (I better get my words right lest she sue me, too) because the flowers in her centerpieces at her 400K wedding were not what she expected. Of course, the bride is now the laughingstock of NY (see Gawker, the Post, various blogs) and I agree with most of what has been said regarding her entitled bridezilla-like behavior. But I would be ragingly angry as well if I paid 30k for flowers by cashier's check a month before my wedding and I felt as though I had been duped.

Even though I see her point, I still find her despicable. Here's why:

1.) Spending 400K on a wedding is a pretty ridiculous thing to do. It is one day. One day of a (hopefully) long life that you will spend with your husband. No matter how rich I am, I will always feel that way. It is selfish, self-important and above all really greedy.

2.) This woman is out there giving a bad name to Jewish women lawyers everywhere. Many of the blogs are focusing on her entitled "Jewishness," which is pretty offensive. I am quite certain that there are a few gentiles out there who have behaved in a similar manner and would the blogs focus on their "Episcopalioness"?

3.) I am all for reclaiming the 30k on flowers, but why the extra money? Why sue for 400K? Isn't that a bit ridiculous?

4.) Weddings are NOT THAT IMPORTANT. I repeat, NOT THAT IMPORTANT. I know that when in the throes of one, it can seem like the biggest deal on the planet, but for the record, let me say: Weddings=Big party. Mine was so much fun. I loved it. It was close to the best day of my life. But I loved it because it was a party. A lot went wrong, but who cares? I had a ton of fun with all of my friends and family who I have never seen all together like that in one room. Plus I was marrying my best friend and getting a 3-week vacation from work so I could head to the Caribbean. But it was not worth stressing about two months after the fact and trying to put some poor florist out of business (but not my florist because I loved her).

There is a part of me that believes a person like this ought to be forced to be in the Peace Corps for two years building latrines. Methinks someone needs a bit of a reality check. Her lack of perspective is frightening, especially in the current political climate. And as a final aside, I am betting this woman is really bad in bed. As in, "not tonight dear, I asked for the rasberry linens, not the purple ones." So I guess we should all pity her. My advice to her? Get a life. Get some perspective. Get laid.


teacher said...

It is extremely disturbing to me that you do not even know this individual yet somehow feel qualified to attack and excoriate her publicly, and what is most disconcerting is the extent to which I feel your judgment reeks of sexism and anti-Semitism. You read four paragraphs from a media source and determined this woman’s entire life story, including your absurd imagination that she is bad in bed. You looked at her name- she’s Jewish, so you stereotyped her because of that. You suggest she gives jewish lawyers a bad name; I suggest that her religion should be irrelevant. She is a woman, and therefore this fits the new public stereotype of the crazed bridezilla.
What you don't consider is the possibility that the media and the public has twisted and fashioned this story so that it fits into our classification system of judgment and stereotyping. No one knows the whole story here, so I am uncertain as to why you feel you do. How do you even know she is Jewish, for example? How do you know what her wedding cost? I have read all the information and it does not say anywhere what the total cost of the wedding is. Do you even know what the whole suit entailed or what the actual amount of damages were? Or do you believe anything you read in the paper? Unless you read the complaint, you don't really know the amount. Nor do you seem to have enough knowledge of law to understand whether or not that amount was appropriate with other suits of that nature. And what else was in that complaint? Maybe she paid for items that she did not receive. Maybe they promised her a certain amount of flowers that they did not deliver. Or are you so simple minded that you actually believe it was just about flowers that were the wrong color? In fact, why didn’t Posy Flowers contact her after the wedding when she emailed and called them four times to get a partial refund?
The reason why you have filled in the blanks is simple and more disturbing than a lawsuit that, unfortunate or not, is not uncommon in today’s litigious society. You are judging an individual on limited information, based on her occupation, gender, and religion. She should be ashamed of herself? You should be ashamed of yourself.
I shudder for your children if this is what you teach them. I am a future mother and a school teacher and I consistently try to tell my students not to make rash judgments about others and not to fall victim to stereotypical classifications. I can see you have no such issues.
You do not know this person. You do not know the whole story. And you do not know the law. End of story.

My Wombinations said...

um, yeah. Thanks for your input. Obviously her religion is irrelevant--THAT WAS MY POINT. My fear is that the blogosphere is spinning it out of control and as someone who is JEWISH (read: hardly anti-semitic), it bothers me.

I find it interesting that you call me simple minded when you are clearly illiterate or too "simple-minded" to understand my words.

I am leaving your post up mostly because I think you are clearly not very intelligent and it is kind of amusing.

Further, how is it that you know I don't know her? I shudder for the children you teach.

Kristi said...

Insane, this litigious society we live in.

And yes, spending that much money on an 18-hour period in a life of many years is ridiculous. For that alone, she deserves to be laughed out of court.

Oh, and "Teacher"? Reading comprehension is clearly not your strong point.

Mariel said...

wow who the hell is this teacher bitch clearly someone has nothing better to do with their time then write page long blog responses