Friday, August 17, 2007

I Salute These Women

There is nothing worse than a snivelling simp of a woman--the kind of woman who lets her husband walk all over her, who speaks in a high pitched girly voice and whose mantra "I am just a little thing" is repeated in 9,000 ways every day of her life. I have never liked a woman who lacks passion or does not have an opinion. Even if her opinion is different than mine, I will respect her more for expressing it.

Among my many pet peeves, this kind of woman ranks high. There are two kinds of men who like these kinds of woman:

1.) Insecure men who are not comfortable with their sexuality and sense of selves


2.) Men who are on the prowl for something better.

It is usually easy to spot which kind is which and for a girl with half a brain, stealing a #2 from their stupid ladies can become a favorite sport--not that I condone this kind of behavior (even if I do).

Sadly, I have known far too many women like this. They seem to grow them like corn in the Midwest. I saw women who smiled as their boyfriends cheated, actually apologizing to them for prying. I have seen women make their boyfriends elaborate meals after being called the most hurtful names. Mostly I sit and bite my tongue and tell myself that I would never be friends with a woman like that.

And it is true. I am the type of woman who makes better guy friends than girl friends, although that is changing now that I am a mom. But the few girlfriends I maintain are all opinionated, passionate, fun and sexy. They all have healthy senses of self and would never let a man--or anyone else--stomp on them.

So today I am saluting these kinds of women. The kind who rock. The kind who express their opinions, hold their own in an argument, read the newspaper and own it all. They set the example I want my daughter to follow.


Mariel said...

hmm I wonder which two women you are referring to..haha

Stephanie said...

I was going to ask you if I fit into the 'women who rock' category. Then I realized, if I have to ask...

So I'm just going to assume I do, and own my new label, damnit! :)

Editorgirl said...


Editorgirl said...


Kristi said...

I agree completely. Women without opinions are women I don't want to be friends with. One of Rich's good friends is a PhD. He was married to another PhD. They divorced, and now he's married to his daughter's babysitter, who is 11 years his junior, and completely mindless. I cannot for the life of me understand what they talk about at night.