Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Samara is Five Months

Where have a I been? Seriously. I feel like I blinked and my floppy, helpless newborn has become a bright-eyed, energetic baby. I know it has been happening gradually--her fingers unfolding, her face filling out, her swipes more accurate. But it still seems like it happened overnight.

The five month mark heralds some big changes around here. We started her on solid foods yesterday, which she seemed to enjoy. We gave her rice cereal in her bumbo and though she opened her mouth wide, most of it ended up on the bib and on her. But it was strange to feed her with a spoon. She seemed confused by the consistency, "choking" as it went down.

As I sit here typing (no joke), she just rolled for the first time from back to front, though she has been rolling from front to back for a couple weeks now. It was a very slow, cautious roll, but she still seemed surprised to have commenced a self-inflicted tummy time.

We also have the crib all prepared and she has started taking her afternoon nap in there. Tonight is probably going to be her first official night, although stay tuned. We keep putting it off as neither of us are ready. She may still be there when she is 18. On the plus side, it will make it easier to keep her curfew.

As for me, I am trying to keep my perspective as she gains independence and (gulp) mobility. In some ways I can't wait to see what happens next and in some, I am so sad to watch her grow. I am also starting to miss adult interaction and some aspects of the working world. Freelancing is good intellectual stimulation and I feel like I am contributing to our finances in some way (which is really important to me), but I sometimes am jealous of the moms who get to dress up in the morning, put their babies in daycare and have a day to be with adults. I sometimes think people believe I got the best deal and am living on easy street, but I am not sure which is better, honestly. I guess the grass is always greener? Or maybe I am just one of those people who complains no matter what--neurotic to the bitter end. Perhaps.

Here is my lovely girl, clebrating her five months with a bath and some diaper time!

And a family shot:


Editorgirl said...

My goodness where does the time go? I can't believe she's already 5 months old!

Kristi said...

She is just beautiful, and I think, the spitting image of you (that's such an odd turn-of-phrase, isn't it, "spitting image"?

And the solid foods milestone is such a big one. It's so much fun to watch them go from dribbling food down their chins because they can't figure out the swallowing thing, to gulping and grabbing for the spoon.

I get the "you have the best of both worlds" thing too. I don't think people quite understand how much work it is to watch a baby FT and to try and work at exactly the same time.