Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Age Before Brains

TV stooped to a new low last night with NBC's latest: Age of Love. The show is an hour long spin on the Bachelor, only instead of 40 women competing for the love of one man, it is 10 40-something women--"the cougars" and 10 20-something women--"the kittens"--pitted against one another in a competition to win the heart of one 30-year-old man (a famous tennis star).

One knows a show is bad when their husband says before them: "this is unbelievably sexist." True dat. This show makes the Bachelor look like a Ms. Magazine production.

Women do not have enough pressure to be attractive and young already. A show needed to be made that ridicules their "saggy boobs and crow's feet." Last night the famous tennis star met the 40-something women and, predictably, eliminated the one who looked the oldest while spending his extra time with the three who were 39, 40 and 41, respectively. All the women gave good stereotype, discussing their high power careers and ticking biological clocks.

Meanwhile, the "kittens" spent the afternoon hula hooping and discussing how hot they all were. Maybe it is the wisdom that comes with being close to 30, but the 20-something girls basically made asses of themselves. And since all the "kittens" will one day be "cougars" themselves, one has to be slightly amused by the premise.

I have not turned on the television in two months, canceled my cable and came across this within the first 10 minutes of turning back to network TV. Our devolution has begun. I am riveted.


Mackenzie said...

Wow. This sounds horrendous~!

Stephanie said...

Don't kid yourself...our devolution started long ago. I believe it was with a show called 'The Swan'. Beauty and the Geek, however, was truly a stroke of genius. ;)