Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Youth?

Last night we started test driving Volvos. I have never been a car person--someone whose life is defined by the car they drive--but behind the wheel of a Volvo, I felt old.

It felt like driving a tank and I could imagine soccer practices and swim meets and that familiar volvo smell, the scent of so many carpools of my youth. It is a great thing to have a safe car, but when did I get so old? They don't even make the model we are looking for in standard. I have never even owned an automatic car. I feel like it is one step to middle age. I am only 29! I still have a good two months left in my 20's and suddenly I am a stay at home mom with a Volvo.

R was teasing me because I looked like "such a mom" with my hands at 10:00 and 2:00 on the steering wheel. I said back: "I am a mom." And we were both silent. Scary stuff. I want the safest car for my baby, but I have come a long way from Cabrios and Miatas.

This year has brought a lot of change. Doggy to baby. Work to home. Fashion to sweats. I guess standard to automatic and sporty to family were on their way. Just in time for 20 to 30. G-d help me. I am a mom.

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mary said...

ya know, I have this awesome memory of 1987, Mike was 2 and Jess was 6. We'd drive Jess to swim practice every morning at 9AM and we'd be blasting Tina Turner, Tracy Chapman and The Band....Mike knew every lyric to "Behind the Wall." It's such a precious remembrance and it all took place in a blue Volvo 260 station wagon. The best things can come in paradoxical packages...go for it! xoxo