Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

It was a great decision to spend my first mother's day at the lake house. My father made the two moms a delicious breakfast of matzo bry and strawberries. My stepmother made an album filled with photos of Samara and R put photos of himself and Samara in a locket, which he engraved with the letter "S" on one side (for Samara, Sasha and Susan) and "NM" on the other (for New Mexico, where the bean was conceived).

After breakfast, R and I took a long kayak around the lake while my dad stayed with Samara. Overall, the weekend was full of happy surprises. We decided to buy a new car and we discovered that Samara really does travel well--a huge relief since we have a trip to OH coming up in a couple weeks. Here are some photos:

I took the single kayak out for a spin:

Mar spent a lot of time reading to Samara:

Samara loves her Auntie Mar:

You may have to know my dad (and the outdoorsman he is not) to get this photo. Behold my pops grilling tuna:

She is so happy in the morning:

Daddy and Samara:

The only downside is that black fly season means Samara can only go "outside" to the gazebo. We were not comfortable taking her down by the water. Here are Oma and Samara in the gazebo:


Kristi said...

I'm so glad you had a great and relaxing mother's day. Mine was a bit chaotic (I throw an annual Mother's Day brunch for my family each year), but it was still great. Your lake house pictures are beautiful.

PS: Isabella has the same pack-n-play. ;)

M said...

Great pictures! Where is this lake? Like, what state (you don't have to give me the specific lake. lol) It looks gorgeous! :)
Samara is a cutie!

My Wombinations said...

Thanks! The house is in Maine.

Editorgirl said...

Sounds like you had a beautiful Mother's Day - how wonderful! I'm so happy for you. E-mail when you can - want to hear all about the new car!