Friday, March 23, 2007


This morning, R and I got up at 7. He had a meeting at 8 a.m. in which he was presenting something important and we were stopping at my parent's place to pick up their car. I got the baby ready and was waiting for R while he walked the dog at 7:20. We looked like for once in our lives we might be on time somewhere. And that was where the trouble started. R could not find his car keys and he needed them to start my father's car. We searched. Everywhere. It was 7:30 then 7:35, then 7:40. Still we searched. I called E and asked if she had another key. She did. We started on the way to their house when I remembered the night before he had given me his car keys. They were in the diaper bag and had been with us the whole time. Great. So we are running really late and finally get to my parent's house. The garage code does not work. We are screaming and yelling at this point and I realize I left my own keys in the house so I do not even have the key to my parent's house. Basically a wasted trip when R was already running late. I drive him to work and he arrives about 10 minutes late. I drive back home after having accomplished none of our plan and R was STILL late. I pull the keys out of the ignition and look down. Guess what? I had the key to my parent's house all along. Neither of us bothered to realize that if our car was running and R had HIS keys, then obviously MY keys were in the ignition. What can I say? Sleep deprivation is a bitch.


Editorgirl said...

Oh man - that is not a good start to the day. Hope the rest goes better :-)

Kristi said...

My friend, it is only just beginning. I've found, though, that the longer you go without anything resembling a good night's sleep, the better you're able to function on the few hours you're getting.

Hang in there!