Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I have always been one of those cheeseball people who really loves Valentine's Day. When I was really small, my mother and I would always make homemade Valentines with red/pink construction paper, dolies and magic markers. In elementary school I loved the candy, decorating my Valentine "mailbox" and selecting the latest hip Valentine (and when I say "hip", I mean Gem--she was truly outrageous after all). Later, it became about the boyfriends, but I have always been a pretty traditional Valentine lady. I like a big heart-shaped box of candy and a dozen red roses. I am a dork that way. Feel free to send me a Barbie valentine, though.

Sadly, this year, there is little time for celebration. With only one hour time slots of freedom, a sore and unattractive body and the fussiest baby this side of the Charles River, R and I will have a much more subdued V-day (and when I say subdued I mean, I will run to the gym, we will order takeout and MAYBE we will be able to get a movie in before yet another sleepless night with the banshee baby). Did I mention Samara has decided sleep is passe? Yes, sleep has been declared so last season and this year "the new black" is screaming all night until your parents want to throw themselves out of their first floor window. Yes, we are mighty tired and mighty irritable. Gone are the days where the baby slept and gone are the days where all we would have to do tonight is go to dinner and exchange cheesy gifts. Maybe we will exchange heart shaped boxes of chocolates again after Samara leaves for college. Right before we break out the champagne and sleep the roughly three-year deficit we should have accrued by then.


Chantel said...

I hear your pain S. I have two boys and I love them both dearly...but my second did not stop crying for a year. I truly thought why did I have two.
But the sleep deprivation has lifted and now my youngest is the sweetest little guy. WE cannot still get a babysitter to come back twice...but it has gotten soooooo much better. Just hang in there.

Mariel said...

happy valentines day sasha! I love you and miss you i learned how to say I have a niece in Italian today-Io ho una nepite

Kristi said...

I hope you get at least an hour of quiet time in between crying episodes to celebrate V-day. Hang in there. It will get better (or so I'm told). ;)

Stephanie said...

I hope you got to have some time with R last both deserve it! Also - wanted to thank you for the Jem reference: I saw a t-shirt the other day that said: "Jem! World Tour 1986" It made me feel ancient.