Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Runts All Around

Here in the B-W household, we are experiencing a variety of weight issues. While mommy struggles to not hate the mirror, baby is struggling to gain weight. We went to the pediatrician yesterday with Aunt K who was here visiting. Unfortunately, Samara only gained 3 ounces since last week (boo, hiss). She is still not up to birth weight at 2 weeks and five days old (boo, hiss again). This is not a good thing. Luckily my pediatrician is not an alarmist because I so would have lost it had she been too critical.

My new charge is to feed her at least every two hours, which essentially means there is nary a moment that does not have the little lamphrey latched on to my breast. I am fine with this. We have another appointment on Thursday to see if she is faring any better weight-wise. When I was young, I know my pediatrician used to also ask my mother if I was eating (I, too, was a scrawny little thing who was always at least a foot shorter and 20 pounds lighter than my friends). Eventually, I caught up when I hit puberty. But I would like Samara to catch up sooner. Why can't I just share some of my fat? Then we would all be happy.

In my own news, I can barely fit into any of my old clothes. They will not go over my thighs. I know people keep telling me I will lose the weight, but I have nothing to wear and I am not going to go out and buy clothes in bigger sizes. But my secret terror is that my bone structure has altered and I will never fit into my old clothes again. Is that paranoid? Maybe. I know I am supposed to be patient (boo, hiss). I did run the full three miles today, though. I guess things are looking up.

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Kristi said...

Don't worry about Samara's weight. My little girl is on the "scrawny" side too (only the 15th percentile for weight at her 4 month visit, and I expect the same at her 6th month visit coming up next week. As my ped says, it's not about what they weigh. It's about them gaining on a consistent basis.

And as for you, trust me, the weight will come off. And especially with running and being so in shape, you'll be back to your old self in no time.