Thursday, February 8, 2007

Sore Bottoms and Crazy Mommies

Poor Samara woke up with diaper rash today. I have never heard her cry like she has been whenever I try to change her diaper. As a result, I cry and feel like the worst mother in the world. Hearing her in pain is worse than feeling my own. Does anyone have any tips for a new mom? I have been using balmex, but it does not look any better than it looked this morning. I feel feel so bad for her.


Editorgirl said...

S - my mom has ALWAYS sworn by Desitin. Just like when we were kids. Everytime you change her wash her with her wipe and then slather it on - yes it's super white and thick but she said we NEVER had diaper rash.

Baby Anthony is the same, but from day one what they have been doing is changing him, wiping him and then applying vaseline.

Hope this helps!

Editorgirl said...

P.S. The desitin actually worked on my super dry, cracked hands a few weeks ago. I tried everything, then one night mom pulled out the tube, slathered it on and made me sleep with gloves on. The hands that were cracked, bleeding and killing me were totally cured by morning. Try the Desitin.

marylynn said...

Diaper rash is 100% normal and expected! Let her little bottom air out for a bit...after cleaning her up, let her lay around on a towel so she "air dries" and doesn't have her diaper chafing her.Desitin, A&D Ointment, etc will help if it flares up.

Kristi said...

I use A&D. It was what my mom used on us. And, knock on wood, Isabella is 5 months old and has never had a diaper rash. And you're not a bad mommy at All!

Chantel said...

I agree with all of the above. My yongest gets the worst diaper rash!
Bottom :) line...use a diaper cream and let her have some diaper less time.
I always liked to do it right before bath time...just in case he pee or worse. I would lay down a shower curtain (we had an extra) and then a fluffy towel and let him roll around for a bit. And have a camera ready. If you have a black towel , they make the best pictures.