Saturday, January 6, 2007

Operation Early Baby

I saw my midwife yesterday. She was so nice and helpful and she asked me to do an ultrasound to find out if the baby was head down. I was so glad R was there because this ultrasound was really different. We were actually able to see the baby's face!! It was pretty overwhelming and I immediately started crying--she has lips and a nose!! She is a real, live baby. It was too quick to see who she looked like, but the tech definitely confirmed her gender, which made us happy. We were a little nervous about dressing our son all in pink since that is literally ALL I got for the shower.

My midwife also went over some techniques I can start next weekend when I am full term to get the baby started on her journey out. The first was sex. She was incredibly nice about it, stating clearly that I should/could throw out the information if I was not feeling it, but apparently couples who are still sexually active do tend to not go over 40 weeks. It is definitely not my favorite idea in the world, but hey, it is what got me here in the first place, so why not. The other idea she gave was a glass of wine. Apparently something in the wine relaxes the cervix and lets it start to open. Also, the gooey feeling wine gives me when I just want to melt into my chair is apparently the way a person should feel going into labor. The other suggestion was something I am already doing--long walks and exercise. So, now I have a plan. R is out of town for the remainder of this weekend and next, too (boo), so I do not want to start pushing her out yet. Going into labor without him would be completely heartbreaking. But when he gets back next week, I plan to get down to business. Mama is ready to meet her baby!!

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Kristi said...

Yup-that's a real live baby you've got in there. Very cool you got to have such a late-term ultrasound. I last saw Isabella (in utero) at 19 weeks.

So exciting...just a few more weeks to go.